Soft Lemon Poppyseed Sugar Cookies

by Heather Harris Brady Anyone who's been with this blog through the winter holidays knows that I have the same cookie lineup every year, but I continue to audition new prospects because never let it be said that I'm one to rest on my cookie laurels 😉 This is the first audition - a soft... Continue Reading →


Lemon Ricotta Cookies

by Heather Harris Brady First off let me note that I have not fallen off the wagon and gone whole-hog on the food coloring - that bright fuschia icing is from freeze-dried raspberries! I know, right? Perfect for upcoming holiday cookies! But I digress. This cookie story starts with a trip my little slice of... Continue Reading →

Lemon Ginger Cake with Saskatoon Berries

by Heather Harris Brady Saskatoon berries are native to the north-northwestern part of the US and Canada, but they are starting to find their way across other temperate areas of the country. Our first u-pick farm opened about three years ago. Saskatoon berries are also called serviceberries, pigeon berries and western juneberries. A major ingredient... Continue Reading →

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