Ginger Creams

by Heather Harris Brady I've never an actual copy of Farm Journal magazine, but I LOVE their cookbooks and whenever I find them in antique stores I buy them. This recipe is based on one from their Homemade Cookies cookbook, and if you can imagine a Lofthouse molasses cookie this would be it. They are... Continue Reading →


Lebkuchen (Gingerbread Cookies)

by Heather Harris Brady These cookies have been on my “to-do” baking list for a long time, for many reasons. My grandmother’s family left Bavaria for this country in 1752, and I like to think of my Shaull ancestors having these cookies at the holidays. Also, they’re so interesting from the standpoint of culinary history.... Continue Reading →

Lemon Ginger Cake with Saskatoon Berries

by Heather Harris Brady Saskatoon berries are native to the north-northwestern part of the US and Canada, but they are starting to find their way across other temperate areas of the country. Our first u-pick farm opened about three years ago. Saskatoon berries are also called serviceberries, pigeon berries and western juneberries. A major ingredient... Continue Reading →

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