Mini Cake Doughnuts

by Heather Harris Brady A new mini doughnut place opened in a town near us and it is an amazing thing to contemplate a case of 30 gorgeous little designer doughnuts. But what's a girl to do when she wants doughnuts and they happen to be a good 45 minutes away on a Sunday morning?... Continue Reading →


French Breakfast Puffs

by Heather Harris Brady It's no exaggeration to say I've had this recipe in the back of my mind for years. When I first read it, in my vintage 1959 copy of The Blueberry Hill cookbook by Elsie Masterston, it jumped out at me. The ingredient list was simple, which leaves space for magic to... Continue Reading →

Austrian Carnival Doughnuts, Two Ways (Faschingkrapfen)

by Heather Harris Brady Around 15 years ago you had to seek out a Polish community to get paczki, now they're ubiquitous to every supermarket doughnut case for a month ahead of Ash Wednesday.  Nothing against them (unless they're just an overstuffed version of the store's usual jelly doughnuts), but Poland isn't the only country... Continue Reading →

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