My Local Favorites


This is a pretty popular destination area, so as a public service on the off chance that you’re in Traverse City for a visit, here are some of my favorite stops.

  • Brunch – Patisserie Amie
  • Pancakes – Baytown Kitchen
  • Chef’s Salad – Maxbauer
  • Everyday Sushi – Panda in Logan’s Landing
  • I-just-got-a-bonus Sushi – Red Ginger
  • Burgers – Harrington’s (Second place – Slabtown Burgers)
  • Fast/convenience food – Culver’s
  • Takeout – The Kitchen
  • Pizza – That’sa Pizza
  • Quinoa tabbouli – Morsels
  • Salted Chocolate – Grocer’s Daughter in Empire
  • Yeast Doughnuts – Daylight Doughnuts

Things that are worth the wait in line (yeah, I know, there’s some really notable stuff that’s NOT on here – I go there in the off-season, summer’s too short to waste).

  • Nine Bean Rows baked goods at the TC Farm Market
  • Daily specials from Harvest Restaurant
  • Tacos from the Cedar taco stand

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