Mom, writer, wife, cook, farm girl, cookbook addict (this order is constantly in flux)

As an ahem, mature, mother of two it is something of stretch to still call myself a farm girl. Growing up we were definitely not what one might consider to be well off, but when it came to food we were self-sufficient for the most part and as such always well-fed. However, in my lifetime I have watched this situation completely reversed, sadly evidenced by the long line at the local food pantry. This blog is about my attempts to salvage some of the self-sufficiency I learned growing up as I work to bring some farmhouse comfort to the next generation starting out under my roof in beautiful Leelanau County (go Lakers!).

I hope these recipes will inspire you to spend lots of enjoyable time in the kitchen, and I do try to make all the directions as thorough as possible. However, I cannot accept any responsibility for problems with the recipes or mishaps/injuries that you may encounter.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me!

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