Pies – The Top “Ate”


by Heather Harris Brady

Since we’re on the eve of the Oscars, and in the interest of giving you a way to quickly find some of the most popular recipes on this site I’m going to start doing some “Top Ate” posts every once in a while. I’m using the number of reader likes as the rating system. Today’s category – pies!

8. Key Lime


7. Peach Melba


The next three are in a three-way tie:

6. Fresh Peach


5. Mixed Berry


4. Rhubarb Streusel


3. Sweet Potato Pumpkin


This one’s a little bit of a stretch, but these were really popular and some places call them hand-pies, so…

2. Quick Fruit Turnovers


And the Oscar award for most popular pie goes to:

  1. Apricot Crostata!


My grandpa would be so proud, apricots were his favorite fruit and we always had a tree in our yard throughout my childhood 😉

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