A Birthday Party

by Heather Harris Brady

My camera’s on the fritz so I’m doing a how-to today instead of a recipe. Spring just feels like a time for parties to me, maybe because it’s my own birthday season! Here is a recap of a girl’s birthday party I threw for my daughter and her fashion-loving friends. Everyone came in through our streamer doorway, which was also the start of a red carpet. The dress cupcakes, above, were the star of the show. Here’s a look at the table:


Each plate had a super-cute handbag that I made out of chocolate-graham crackers and white modeling chocolate (or you can use white fondant).


These go together in minutes. I rolled out the handles and clasps, then put them between two crackers a bit of chocolate ganache to hold them together. I rolled the fondant out and cut two ribbons for each bag, and added the stitching with a rolling marker from my sewing box.

For the dress cupcakes I used black dress hangar picks that I cannot find now online. I’ll keep looking and when I find some I’ll post a link here. However, you could make them on a cricut too. I baked a regular batch of cupcakes and the same number of mini-cupcakes. I turned one mini upside-down on top of each regular cupcake, then frosted them. Once the crumb-coat of frosting was on I added the ruffles with a decorating tip. Lastly, I modeled the dress tops out of fondant, stuck them to the hangars and inserted one in each cupcake.

I bought window cupcake boxes and made labels for them that said “Sofia’s Sweet Boutique”. I cut scrapbook paper to add curtains to the windows of the boxes. Then each girl decorated her dress with confectioner’s pearls and silver dragees and put them in the boxes as their take-home gift.

I had the cupcakes all lined up so everyone could see them when they arrived:

Once people saw them, though, it was hard to keep them from asking to start decorating right away but we wanted to save it for the grande finale!

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