Layered Strawberry Pineapple Refrigerator Cheesecake


by Heather Harris Brady

This is another nice dessert that you can put together in under 15 minutes if you have everything on hand. It’s a variation on my aunt”s Blueberry Dessert, which has a cultlike following in our neck of the woods. I’ve updated it for spring with fresh strawberries. You could easily make this gluten-free by substituting GF crumbs in for the vanilla wafers. It gives you that great cheesecake flavor in a much lighter form.

Layered Strawberry Pineapple Cheesecake, Makes on 8″ pan

3 cups vanilla wafers, crushed (you could use graham crackers too)

3 T. melted butter

1 8 oz. pkg. 1/3 less fat cream cheese

1 pt. heavy whipping cream

1/3 c. granulated sugar

1 t. lemon extract

1 large can crushed pineapple, well-drained

1 quart strawberries, cleaned, washed and sliced

Mix the vanilla wafer crumbs with the butter and press 1/2 of them into the bottom of the pan.


Add the sugar to the heavy cream and whip just beyond the soft peak stage. Add the cream cheese in several large pieces and beat until combined. Beat in the lemon extract.


Spoon half of  pineapple over the crumbs.


Cover it with half of the cream cheese, followed by the strawberries.



Reverse, another layer of cheesecake, then pineapple. Press the pineapple into the cheesecake with the back of a spoon and top with the rest of the crumbs.



Chill for several hours, preferably overnight, before cutting into squares. Serve cold.



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