Charred Asparagus


by Heather Harris Brady

This idea comes from the most recent issue of Cooking Light. It inspired me to throw together this quick side dish. Once you get your pan hot it all comes together in under five minutes. If you added some cooked brown rice it would make a fantastic pilaf or a filling for vegetarian wraps.

Charred Asparagus, Serves Four

3/4 lb. fresh asparagus spears, cleaned with tops cut and set aside

1/3 c. crumbled pecans

Juice of one lemon

1 T. butter

1/3 c. shaved parmesan

Find a heavy pan and add 1 T. olive oil. Get it SMOKIN’ hot then throw in the asparagus stalks.


After they are charred on nearly all sides add the tops.


Continue stirring and add the pecans, then the butter. Turn off the heat.


Toss the asparagus and pecans with the parmesan and the lemon juice.




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