Yorkshire Pudding with Chilies & Cheese


by Heather Harris Brady

I created this combination as a side dish for my roast beef Mexicana. You can used canned green chilies or bake poblano peppers ahead of time. You can bake it in one large pan or a muffin tin for easy individual servings. If this recipe sounds familiar to you it’s probably because you’ve made popovers, they’re pretty much the same thing.

Yorkshire Pudding with Chilies & Cheese, Serves 8

7/8 c. flour

3 beaten eggs

3/4 c. milk

1 t. baking powder

1/2 t. cumin

1/2 c. diced canned green chili peppers

1 c. shredded queso blanco or other Mexican cheese blend

Preheat the oven to 400. If you’re using the muffin tins, add a teaspoon of drippings from the roast to each round, or put 1/4 c. in your baking dish. Put the dish in the oven.

Combine the first five ingredients and beat well, then mix in the chilies.


Take the pan out of the oven and pour the batter into the hot pan.


Return the pan to the oven and bake until the pudding is puffed and browned, about 20-25 minutes. Immediately top it with the cheese and return it to the oven for another minute or two until the cheese melts. Serve straight from the oven.


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