Peach Melba Pie, Lattice Crust


by Heather Harris Brady

I found some beautiful local Loring peaches at the market this weekend, and the fall raspberries are still coming in, so I combined the two for a peach melba pie.  Escoffier created this combination in the late 1800’s for Nellie Melba. The dessert was diva-worthy, with an ice swan and spun sugar topping. When he moved to the Carlton Hotel from the Savoy, he added raspberries to his creation and skipped the extra trappings. You can find more about the story here.

Regardless, this combination is still amazing, whether you’re serving it to divas or not! I’ve taken the time here to do a step-by-step on lining a pie dish as well, for anyone who’s not an old hand at it.

Peach Melba Pie, Makes one 9″ lattice crust pie

One recipe pie crust

Five large fresh ripe peaches

1-1/2 pts. fresh raspberries

1/3 c. sugar

3 T. tapioca

Almond meal for sprinking

Combine the fruit, sugar and tapioca in bowl so it can stand while you make the crust. I go light on sugar myself, but you can adjust it as you see fit. You can also grind the tapioca in a spice grinder if you want it finer.


Roll out your crust into a large circle, about 2-3″ wider than the outside of your pie plate.


Fold it in half over your rolling pin.


Lift it up and into the pie dish.


Press it down into the dish and trim off the large extra pieces, leaving about an inch or so to fold over.


Crimp the edges. There’s all kinds of fancy ways to do it, but my quick and easy way is to just press it with my thumb between my pointer and my middle finger. Sprinkle the bottom with almond meal if you like and preheat the oven to 400.


Spoon in the fruit, try to arrange the slices so they lay on their sides. It should mound up a little in the center.


Start cutting your lattice strips from the extra you trimmed off earlier.


You need four really long ones and four medium ones. Start with two in the middle and weave the rest in before you hook the outside edges down.


Bake for about 10 minutes at 400 and then reduce the heat to 375 for the remaining 35-40 minutes. When the crust is brown and the juices are bubbling up it’s ready. The juice will be runnier at first but it will thicken up as it cools down.


Serve with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoy eating like a diva!


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