Champagne Sabayon


by Heather Harris-Brady

A midweek Valentine’s Day is always kind of a bummer. If Aphrodite spent all day in the middle management ring of Hades even she would be looking for some shortcuts. Luckily, I have one for you: champagne sabayon.

Just have your honey bring home dinner. You can still have an elegant – dare I say, sexy – dessert ready in under 10 minutes. It’s light and pretty, a great way to end a dinner and begin an evening.

Champagne Sabayon, Makes four generous servings

1/3 c. champagne (or other light white wine)
1/4 c. sugar
4 egg yolks
1 pint whipping cream
1 t. vanilla
2 T. sugar

Combine the wine, sugar and egg yolks in a saucepan over medium heat.


Whisk briskly until the mixture thickens, about three minutes.


Remove from heat and set aside.


Some people stop here and serve it as is, but it’s a holiday so we’re going all out.

Whip the cream to soft peaks. Add the vanilla and sugar, continue whipping to stiff peaks.


Fold in the custard.



Spoon dollops over fresh berries and/or cubes of cake (pound cake, angel food, etc.), or use it as a dip for berries.


You could even use this to elevate bread pudding into another realm.




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