Meatloaf Sandwiches: The Lazy Cook’s Menu for Super Bowl Sunday


So let’s say that you have, oh – I don’t know, a daughter with dance lessons, a son with practices, a busy week at work, an ice storm and a poodle watching mournfully as she lays on her stuffed lamb, hoping you’ll play. In the face of all this Super Bowl Sunday is imminent. If you’re a hard-core fan you probably have a tradition already  – so you’re set.

But if you’re just a busy cook who would like to do a little something, not much mind you, but a little something to make game day a little more enticing I have two words for you: meatloaf sandwich. Or, as my husband calls it: THE BEST SANDWICH IN THE WHOLE WORLD. And yes, he says it in all caps. You can bake the meatloaf on Saturday, pick up chips, drinks and a good loaf of bread then just put it on plates and let people help themselves when they’re hungry.

Meatloaf is, of course, a close cousin to pates and terrines – the cousin that shows up to events in a “Git ‘er done” trucker cap.  It’s very moist, even as leftovers. It’s also somewhat healthier since it’s mostly lean turkey.

Meatloaf, Makes 12 1/2″ slices

1 package ground turkey (93% lean)

1/2 lb. ground chuck

2 egg yolks

2 slices of white bread, soaked in milk

3/4 c. old-fashioned oatmeal (You can use quick-cooking too.)

1/2 c. minced onion


Add all the ingredients to a mixing bowl. Crumble the bread slices and mix everything thoroughly.


Preheat the oven to 375 and mound the mixture in a loaf pan. Press a small trench into the top and fill it with ketchup.


Bake for about an hour. The juices should run clear if you poke the center.



Cut into slices to serve. If you’re making it ahead, let it cool, wrap the pan and store it in the refrigerator.

When you are ready to make your sandwiches cut the loaf into slices 1/2″ thick.


Lay one slice on each sandwich and top with ketchup.


That’s it! If you want to go all out, on Saturday I’ll post a recipe for homemade potato chips. In the meantime, here’s my recipe for brownies and sugar-free ketchup if you’re feeling inspired.


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