Cookie-Palooza, Twelve Days of Cookies


I hope you’ve been squirreling away pounds of butter because tomorrow we’re kicking off Cookie-Palooza! I give out a lot of cookie bags as gifts to teachers, the dog groomer, friends and then, of course, I have to reserve some for family party trays.

My holiday cookie list has changed over the years, and I’ve edited it down to what I think are the best of the best – at least until I fall in love with a new recipe 🙂 What can I say – it happens. . .


I have a few criteria: the cookies should not be something otherwise readily available and overall I look for a nice variety and mix. Several of them need to be baked ahead as they improve over time,  and the more labor-intensive ones I do in parts because this is a holiday marathon people – not a sprint!






Chocolate and Other


Posts start tomorrow!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. oooh, those look like the spoon cookies i have made the last few years – so time consuming to make but super delicious!

    1. empwriter says:

      I bet they are the same – I know it takes a bit of time, but there’s really nothing like them – which makes them such a great gift!

  2. cme5125 says:

    Can not wait for the candy cane bites! Just started following your blog, but how could I pass up 12 days of cookies?! 🙂

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