My first giveaway!

I’ve been teaching my son and daughter how to cook, and when I thought about putting together a cookbook for them a blog just seemed to make more sense. Especially when I could then easily share it with my nieces and far-flung friends and relations. I’m so touched that this little blog means something to the rest of you as well. I love seeing your likes and comments each day!

I’ve given a lot of thought to what should be my first giveaway. It was only last weekend that I hit on the perfect idea – your own copy of the first cookbook I ever received, The Joy of Cooking.

I grew up in a small farming community. Our neighbor Jim, whose property touched the northern edge of our farm, was unfailingly kind and happily willing to share his time to chat or tinker. Even though he had chronic health problems, he was always upbeat. He was very handy, and at some point in his life he had worked in a professional kitchen. When he heard I liked to cook, he gave me a large stack of his Gourmet magazines and his copy of The Joy of Cooking. I read them all cover to cover and never looked back. So, in thanks to Jim who passed away many years ago, I hope you will enjoy this giveaway.

I’ve set up a few ways that you can increase your chances to win. If you already have a copy, I would encourage you to enter anyway and give it to a young friend who’s interested in cooking. Who knows what future career you might inspire?

Enter here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Since this my first giveaway I’m trying out Rafflecopter to see how it goes. You can earn extra entries by posting my recipes to Facebook and Pinterest, besides leaving a comment. Rafflecopter will keep track of the entries and choose a winner at random December 1.



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