Asiago Whipped Potatoes, Thanksgiving Cook-Along

Asiago Whipped Potatoes, Little House by the Dunes

This is one of our entree side-dishes for the Thanksgiving Cook-Along (menu/plan here).  We’ll go over the basic method for maxing the fluff, then stir in some nice large flakes of asiago to rev them up a notch. My dh, who usually takes a pass on mashed potatoes, had two helpings.

Asiago Whipped Potatoes (Eight servings)

Five large russet or dakota potatoes

1/2 pint whipping cream or half and half

3 T. butter

1/3 c. asiago, grated or shaved

Wash, peel and cube your potatoes. Try to maintain a consistent dice so they cook as evenly as possible. Cover with water and boil until they are fork-tender.

Put your cream and butter on another burner to warm. Drain the potatoes thoroughly, dump them back into the pan and heat them on low.

This is important part – gently dry the potatoes over low heat, turning and fluffing them with a fork as they dry. They will start to turn a frosty lighter white at the edges as they dry.

When the potatoes are light, fluffy and disintegrating begin to whisk in the hot butter/cream mixture.

The dry potatoes will soak up the warm cream while staying fluffy. When they are smooth as silk, whisk in the asiago so it can melt in.

Note: Potatoes can vary in moisture content, so add the cream slowly to achieve the consistency you want. You might need a little more or a little less. Also, if I make these ahead and keep them warm I add a little extra cream to compensate for any drying-out that may occur while they are holding.

Yet to come – turkey, stuffing, gravy and dessert – including my secret to the extra juicy bird shown!



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