Chocolate Ganache, Basic Recipe

Chocolate Ganache, Little House by the Dunes

I’m sorry that I missed my weekend post. I will make it up to you. Not only will I give you one of the secrets of the Universe (it’s ganache) but I will also promise to help you with the best Thanksgiving ever (more to come on that). One of the reasons I missed my post is that I had to turn out a large array of cupcakes for several parties.  At lukewarm, this ganache makes terrific hot fudge. Cooled to spreadable, it’s a beautiful frosting. Once it’s hardened, truffle centers.

Chocolate Ganache, Basic Recipe

12 oz. chopped chocolate (any kind, obvs, the better the chocolate the better the ganache)

1/2 pint heavy cream

1 T. butter

1 t. vanilla

Put everything but the vanilla in a pan and slowly warm it, whisking as the chocolate melts. At first it will look like a disaster, but keep going.

Keep going, and you will end up here:

Whisk in the vanilla. You can speed up the cooling by sticking it in the fridge but keep an eye on it. If it’s too cold it will get too hard to spread.

I iced 30 regular size cupcakes and 42 mini cupcakes with this recipe. I have used everything from Hershey’s (for class parties) to Valrhona (for weddings) and it comes out perfect every time.

Later in the week I’ll get into the Thanksgiving plans – not only will I be featuring an entire menu, step-by-step, but I will also detail the time management and prep as well.

Happy Halloween!


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