I would not be the cook I am today without this woman, my Grams. She was a city girl who left everything behind to move to a farm in the country. There she took care of her aging father-in-law, her new husband, helped with various animals and began to raise the children who started to arrive regularly. She cooked for the threshing crews who came through at harvest time and continued to cook right up until near the end of her 93 years.

Many of the recipes you are going to see on this blog came from her. She was a natural cook, not given to precise measurements. She was also fast. She could have a meal on the table quicker than you can get through some drive-throughs.

I have entered her cinnamon roll recipe in the Interflora baking challenge. She baked these for every family get-together and times in between. If I had a friend coming home from school she timed them so they were still warm when we got off the school bus.

Happy Grandparents Day Grams, miss you.