Sun Tea



As you can see from the pic below, sun tea and I go way back. Growing up we drank it all day long, cold with sweat running down the sides of the glasses. When I got old enough to perform courier duties, my grandma would fill mason jars with tea and ice, seal them with a piece of aluminum foil, and dispatch me to the field to deliver it to my grandpa as he rounded the near turns on his tractor. I can still hear the ice tinkling in the jar as I jumped over the corn rows.

It is so simple that it seems silly to give a recipe for it, but as I’m in the business of recording even the minutia of farm food for posterity it has to here because it is a staple. We always added extra bags to make a tea concentrate, so that is the method I’m giving here.

Sun Tea Recipe  (Quart)

Four – five tea bags or a tea ball of loose tea


Quart jar with a screw lid

Add the tea bags to the jar, and drape the tags over the top. I like a mixture of teas, especially black tea and Earl Grey, but experiment to find the blend you like the best.

Fill the jar with water and screw the top on. Put the jar on a sunny windowsill or back step for up to four hours.

Voila! All the tea, none of the work. Remove the bags, pour the tea into a pitcher and dilute with an equal amount of water. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve over ice.


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