Why Bother?

Good god, another food blog – why waste the time when there are so many already? Okay then oh jaded one, name me a food blog written by a pyromaniac farm girl who has cooked with everything from a trash barrel to a professional culinary school kitchen. See? There is always room for one more. . .

I have always had a burning desire to cook, well before I could be trusted with a stove or open flame. I cooked anything I could get my hands on and did my best to keep the operations covert and out of sight of the house.  When darkness forced me inside, I reeked of smoke and overheated vegetable oil. I probably still do for all I know. Good times.

A companion piece to my food memoir, this blog will highlight some of those adventures, what I learned along the way and how I still view cooking as a never-ending passion and adventure. Come join me – and, uh, keep a bucket of water handy just in case.


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